Glyn Perrin

Glyn Perrin

Recorded in London, March 2011

State 4

Since 2000 I have being making many short fragments using basic audio waveforms and modulation.  I think of them as occupying some kind of imageless space beyond performance and representation.  In 2004 I made a sequence of these for Aleks Kolkowski, using pure sine waves and ring modulation.  In this series, the initial fragment is altered by 8 further processes of modulation.  I called the 9 fragments “states”, like the stages a lithograph or etching might go through before completion.  Aleks has rendered the 4th state to wax cylinder.  He’s brought these unbending digital test-tones back into the noisy and beautiful material world.  His work reminds me that even the purest sonic geometry is changed by the passing of time, and by the ageing of our own hearing.

-G.P.  July, 2011

Glyn Perrin studied music at Dartington and York, and in California. 
For forty years he has been an independent composer and performer.
 Many of his works combine conventional and electroacoustic means. 
They have been performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, Endymion and, most recently, Michael Bonaventure, as well as within productions by Shobana Jeyasingh and Rambert dance companies, the Young Vic and the RSC,  and Stephen Mottram’s Animata.

Recording Notes

Etched on an original ‘Ediphone’ black master wax dictation cylinder, sawn to size and shaved down for use on a conventional machine. The recording was made using an Edison ‘Automatic’ recorder circa 1892 with a glass diaphragm.