Photo © Aleks Kolkowski

Recorded at Brunel University, Uxbridge, on 20th March 2009.

plasm 23  (Live electronics)   

FURT is the electronic composition/performance duo formed by Richard Barrett and Paul Obermayer in London in 1986. FURT’s dense and intricate musical forms are produced at every level by an interpenetration between free improvisation and systematic composition, and use primarily concrete (sampled/processed) materials. This activity is concerned above all with allying the physicality and expressivity of sound-structures to FURT’s vision – but also with deriving methods of musical production from the nature of the (electronic) medium itself.


Recording Notes

The first of three, two-minute wax cylinders recorded in-between FURT’s sessions for their CD release ‘Sense’. An original 6.5 foot phonograph recording horn (circa 1906) was used to collect the sound from a loudspeaker. The music was produced live for the take and spontaneously improvised.