Meat Sweats

Recorded in April 2011.

Big Boss Level 1 (for cylinder)

Influenced as much by primitive rockabilly as electronic noise, Meat Sweats are a London- based improvising power-trio.Their explosive and baffling improvised performances involve screaming 8-bit Elvis vocals, masks, hacked children’s toys, keyrings, telephone pick-ups, circuit-bent electronic keyboards, electronic drums and brain-triggered samples.

Meat Sweats are: Elbow Deep – vocals; Dr Atkins & Pig Boy – electronics

Recording Notes

The group wanted to use a meat-based substance for a limited-release recording project. After much discussion, it dawned on me that the older dictation cylinders use stearic acid, derived from beef fat, as a main ingredient in the mass. This song has been recorded on a partly beef-based wax dictation cylinder from the 1920s.