Tiffany Anne Tondut

Tiffany Anne Tondut

Recorded at Resonance 104.4FM, London on March 24th 2011


Tiffany reads her poem W’althamstow H’eights

A’ were gypsy, loose as ‘orse:
haughty, hungry, nobody’s flame,
hare-bells eyes, slew as curse.

A’ thought he wouldn’t want me. Bu’ he did.

‘E drove me up t’ heath
for windswept walks.
We parked. Fidgeted. Talked.
‘E said a’ smelt of life –
his Valley Girl.
A’ named ‘im Darkling –
pupils so black, stars could sink.

A’ loved the damage in his grin
an’ the danger.
‘E loved me wild, but couldn’t let me go.
Oft-times he buckled, gripped, slipped –
called me Philistine, o’ Witch.

A’ writhed.
‘E said a’ needed taming.
A’ reared.
‘E brought a riding crop.
A’ howled.
‘E broke me in.

A’ thought, he cannot kill me. Bu’ he did.

*     *     *

Tiffany Anne Tondut is a published performing poet who charges her writing with all the passion, slag and violence arising from relationships; from falling in and out of love to depression, addiction and sex. A lyrical pulp-confessionalist inspired by Anne Sexton, Charles Bukowski and Todd More to Vicki Feaver and Lady June, she’s read her work on radio and for a number of institutions across the UK, including The Royal Festival Hall. She works as both a poetry tutor and artist’s model. Publications include Tim Well’s infamous RISING, Nutshell, Poetry News Review and The Moth. Upcoming anthologies include Oxfam Young British Poets and Split Screen. She hopes you enjoy her scribblings.


Recording Notes

This was one of several wax cylinder recordings made by a group of poets in the studio of Resonance104.4 FM. With thanks to John Page.