Evan Parker Trio

Photo © Neil Henderson

Recorded on June 3rd 2009 at St Peter’s Church, Whitstable, U.K.

John Russell – Acoustic Guitar
John Edwards – Double-Bass
Evan Parker – Tenor Saxophone

Evan Parker continually explores working with different combinations of musicians. He seems to settle on particular combinations, perhaps indicating their potential for development. An example of this is the trio with John Edwards and John Russell, which has been performing semi-regularly for about three years, sometimes with guest musicians.



Recording Notes

The second of two, two-minute wax cylinder recordings made at St Peter’s Church with the distinguished recording engineer Adam Skeaping at the ready with paintbrush in hand as honorary swarf remover. The trio huddled around the horn and the acoustic guitar and bass, normally difficult instruments to register within an ensemble using this recording process, are quite well captured. The first cylinder recording we made featured in the subsequent CD release House Full of Floors with the trio playing live to their wax inscriptions alongside an Edison phonograph.